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 LSPD Job Opportunities

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John Luther
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PostSubject: LSPD Job Opportunities   16/4/2013, 15:36

Job Opportunities

For many Officers, one of the best rewards of working in a department as big as LSPD is the fact that they can do many jobs during the course of their career. It is possible to move from division to division, and to learn new skills on the job.

Joining the Los Santos Police Department means beginning a career with one of the most highly trained and respectable police departments in the country. We only hire the most qualified applicants, thus recruitment is a highly competitive process. Those who succeed will be rewarded with a lifetime of memories and opportunities.
There are many requirements that must be met before you are eligible to join the LSPD, however:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must be a graduate of a U.S. high school, or the equivalent
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language
  • Must be of good moral and ethical character
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien
  • A clean criminal record is a must. However, an exception can be made for certain misdemeanor charges

All Los Santos Police Officers start in a patrol division. While many Officers will choose to remain in the patrol division, others put in for promotions or for transfer to specialized divisions after a few months in the field. Patrol is primary provider of police services to the community and is considered to be the backbone of the LSPD. The LSPD is challenging and rewarding. No day in patrol is ever the same or boring.

Patrol officers investigate crimes, make arrests, patrol communities to make them safer, work with the community to solve problems, mediate disputes, investigate traffic collisions and provide general police services.

Specialized Assignments
There are many different jobs in the LSPD. Some of them, like traffic investigator are done by dozens of Officers, but then there are also specialized jobs, like SWAT, motorcycle Officers, divers, helicopter pilots, and public information officers. Most of these require specialized training, and if you are selected, you are paid to be trained.

Sergeants and Detectives
The first promotion available to Los Santos Police Officers is to either become a Detective, and move into the investigative branch, or to become a Sergeant and move into field supervision. The next promotional step for both Sergeant and Detective is Lieutenant.

Detectives - Detectives conduct specialized or generalized follow-up investigative work. Police Officers may apply for promotion to Detective after a minimum of four weeks as a Police Officer. Examples of Detective assignments include undercover narcotics, juvenile crimes investigator, family violence, internal affairs, robbery, homicide and traffic accident follow-up.

Sergeants - Most Sergeants serve as field supervisors. Promotional candidates must demonstrate their qualifications in this area. There are also administrative and specialized assignments for Sergeants. A minimum of four weeks experience as a Police Officer and/or Detective is required to apply for promotion to Sergeant.

Switching Jobs
Many Police Officers work several different specialized assignments during the course of their careers. All Officers who have finished their probationary period are eligible to apply for specialized divisions. Although some specialties, like SWAT, are very selective and competitive, and will not take every applicant, there are many different jobs to choose from.

Want more information? Contact an LSPD recruiter. - © Copyright 2013,
City of Los Santos Personnel Department, The Los Santos Police Department.
All rights reserved.
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LSPD Job Opportunities
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