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 LSPD Shift Schedule

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John Luther
John Luther

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PostSubject: LSPD Shift Schedule   23/4/2013, 13:38

Work Schedule

Chief of Police Edward Sutton will be implementing a new mandatory watch schedule for all patrol officers. Officers are required to pick and maintain his/her watch schedule. The watch schedules are designed to help with RP for officers and help productivity within the department.

The following Watches will be put in place:

Watch 1

    Watch 1 - AM Watch. This will be from 2 AM (02:00 hrs) until 12PM (1200hrs).

Watch 2

    Watch 2 - Day Watch. This will be from 12PM (12:00 hrs) until 10 PM (22:00 hrs).

Watch 3

    Watch 3 - PM Watch. This will be from 10 PM (22:00hrs) until 2 AM (02:00 hrs), at which point Watch 1 returns and the watch cycle continues.

((The times above are in EST -5:00))

What should be consider when choosing your watch?

Officers that begin choosing their Watch should always consider what times they are on duty most throughout the course of the work week. These times are when officers are most active and the Watch they are in should be considered. Officers are able to put in a request for changing their watch.

((We know that we have jobs and/or a life and this will be taken into account. However, consideration should be taken and all officers will have to put in a request to change their watch because it provides us with time to rotate an officer from the watch you are transferring into.

Officers should always consider the time zone in which they live in. The timezone you are in should reflect the time that you play and this will create an even spread of officers covering every Watch.

I would like to stress that being in a Watch relative to your timezone is more important than actually going in-game at around that time. For example, faction members from GMT-5 may be more active in Watch 2, even though GMT-5 generically plays in the later hours (Watch 3). In a case such as this, you should chose Watch 3. This helps us delegate officers fairly among the three Watches.))

Note: Commanders and Detectives should not apply for a Watch. Those will be done separately.

This topic is not finished and subjected to change without notice. - © Copyright 2013,
City of Los Santos Personnel Department, The Los Santos Police Department.
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LSPD Shift Schedule
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